A200A EvoShield Recoil Shirt Right  ALL COLORS AND SIZES NEW
The EvoShield ShooterShield reduces felt recoil to nothing more than a gentle push. EvoShields revolutionary custom-forming pad is held in place by a comfortable performance shirt. The thin pad arrives soft and pliable in a sealed foil pouch, then hardens to reduce felt recoil by more than 90%. During the 10-minute forming process, the butt of your gun forms a groove in the pad to match your gun set. The pad also molds to your shoulder in your shooting position. This custom-formed anchor point allows you to have a consistent gun set and shoot more accurately. Shirt is 82/18 polyester/spandex. Made in USA. Sizes:Medium (36-40),Large (40-44),XL (44-48),2XL (48-52)

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