Schutt Vengeance VTD II Football Helmet without Faceguard Matte Black Xlarge
The Vengeance VTD II is the newest generation VTD helmet from Schutt Sports. The "VTD" stands for Variable Thickness and Durometer. The TPU Cushioning contains durometers that are specifically designed to absorb both high-velocity and low-velocity impacts.Combination of Dual Layer and Single Layer TPU The VTD II features a combination of the latest generation of our patented TPU Cushioning System: Single and Dual Layer TPU. Single Layer TPU delivers better impact absorption while reducing overall weight and Dual Layer TPU is featured in the helmet's front. Mechanically Attached TPU Mechanically attaching the TPU system holds it securely in place, but it also enables us to put thicker TPU cushions in the helmet Patented Twist Release System Two piece faceguard retainer seem eliminates upper loop straps, making it easier and faster to attach or remove the faceguard. SUREFIT TPU AiR Liner The re-designed SUREFIT Air Liner features a TPU outer skin with increased surface coverage that makes it ultra comfortable and gives the helmet a soft, "pillow-like" feel. Beneath the skin, additional comfort foam creates a dynamic fit and long-lasting durability. This air liner also features a layer of high impact foam in the front cushion adding an additional layer of protection. New and improved impact absorption and performance over the original Vengeance VTD.
$ 199.00